ZINGA can be used on welds to ensure a cathodic protection over the entire structure. Before accepting the job, please verify that the welds are in good condition. Holes, undercuts or cracks should be remedied by welding or grinding until a uniform surface is obtained.

The surface should be degreased and cleaned to cleanliness degree St 2. Weld spatters must be removed. Eliminate all slag and other surface imperfections with a mechanical needle hammer. Before the application of ZINGA, the welding seams and the surrounding surface must be roughened: preferably by grit-blasting, or otherwise with a bristle blaster, a needle hammer or with rough sand paper (60 to 80). Be careful not to polish the surface!

After roughening of the surface, a thorough dedusting of the areas to be treated is vital. Apply the ZINGA by brush in overlap of minimum 5 cm, in one or more layers in order to obtain the specified DFT.