Yes, the welding of steel coated with ZINGA (max. 60 μm DFT) is possible without excessive zinc fumes because the heat of the approaching weld bead burns off the organic binder well below the melting point of zinc.

The remaining zinc dust is removed from the weld zone by convection leaving the weld-area free from contamination. If the applied DFT is more than 60 μm, the excessive coating must be removed with a wire brush. The zinganised steelwork must be free of oil, grease and any chemicals that are flammable. Dust and debris should be removed by air gun or by vacuuming.

Do not use silicone based anti-spatter spray on ZINGA because this will cause adhesion failure of any subsequent coatings that will be applied on the ZINGA. Please ensure that adequate ventilation and extraction is used at all times. When welding zinganised steel, the operator must wear a mask that conforms to the regulations.