Once thoroughly mixed, ZINGA® can be applied by using a normal paintbrush, a short-fibre roller (not for the first coat) or a conventional or airless spray-gun. When applying ZINGA®, it must only be thinned with Zingasolv, which is available from your nearest distributor. Please read the appropriate Data Sheet.

ZINGA® can be applied in a wide variety of weather conditions. The application surface temperature range is from -15°C to +40°C, with a maximum humidity of 95% so long as the steel temperature is 3°C above dew point. Like all coatings the substrate surface should be free from all types of contamination.

The broad range of allowable application conditions that ZINGA® affords means that very few days are lost during projects due to poor weather i.e. the maintenance window is extended. This, combined with ZINGA®‘s unlimited shelf life, ensures minimal wastage of either time or materials during a project.