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NEW ETA 2022

European Technical Assessment ETA-22/0106 of 2022/03/15

Technical Assessment Body issuing the ETA and designated according to Article
29 of the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011: ETA-Danmark A/S

TDS Colorspray By ZINGA

Color Spray by ZINGA® is a high qualitative ACRYL paint developed for simple applications on all surfaces such as metal, wood, paper, glass, cardboard, concrete, ceramics, …

Color Spray by ZINGA®is specially developed for a good compatibility on our film galvanizing system ZINGA®.



ZINGALU is a one component high performance stand alone organic zinc rich coating. ZINGALU has 90% of ultra pure zinc (ASTM D520 type III) and 4% aluminium flakes in the dry film which provide long lasting cathodic protection to ferrous metals.

The aluminium flakes offer barrier protection and a bright finishing color, matching the color of galvanised surfaces. Therefore ZINGALU is ideal for repairing and touching-up of damaged or old hot-dipped, Zinganised or other zinc coated structures.It can be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment on a clean and rough substrate in a wide range of atmospheric circumstances.

ZINGALU is also available as an aerosol and is sold as Zingaluspray.