Thor SMETTE is happy to announce that Mr. Björn STAM became a partner in ZINGA Sweden AB.

Björn is 49 years of age and has been active in sales and consulting of paint and equipment for anti-corrosion painting since 1991. Good knowledge of NORSOK M-501 design and documentation. Surface finisher in the wood industry 1984-1990. Björn has a Frosio Level 3 Certificate since 2011. Björn and Thor have been working very close for the last 2 years and he has also learned a lot from Rick Simpson.

Björn is also shareholder of the these 2 companies:

  1.  A paint and paint equipment supplier represented in 4 different areas in Sweden. ProChroma will continue to be a retailer of the ZINGA products.
  2. A professional paint / corrosion inspector company with 3 Frosio Level 3 inspectors, and where Björn is one of the inspectors.

Björn has just finished his first ZINGA bridge project in Sweden where 2 x 90 my ZINGA was used. The result of this project is very good, and the Road Authorities are very happy with both the performance of the team and the cathodic protection.

Björns contact details:
Phone: +46 70335 54 88

Thor Smette
452 97 Strömstad
+46 76 2210 689